Shipping Policy

At Flysters we make sure that our customers receive the product in its best form. That's why we take utmost care while delivering our products at your doorstep. In case any damaged goods are received we will work together with our transport services and our team to resolve your grievances. Unfortunately, there may be cases when we would not be able to refund your money. In this case all the decision making authority lies with Flysters.

Cancellation Policy

Although we always work to deliver the best products and services to doorsteps of our customer and be a part in making their lives a little bit better, there may be times when you would want to cancel a placed order. Customer can always cancel an order before a product is shipped. Once the product has been shipped, cancellation option is withdrawn from their account and placed order cannot be cancelled.

Return Policy

Once the product has been shipped customer cannot return the product. 

Refund Policy

In case customer decides to cancel their placed order they would get their deposited amount refunded. In case the cancellation is not viable then no refund would be provided from Flysters. 

You can always reach out to us on our social media channels or go to our Contact Us page and we would be glad to answer your queries.

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